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People oriented, the pursuit of excellence

"Integrity, innovation, performance and harmony" embodies the value orientation of Kaiwei management decision and behavior, is an organic unity. Where integrity is the cornerstone of innovation is the driving force, performance is the goal, harmony is the guarantee.

Integrity: honest and trustworthy, really statement

Credibility is the basic requirement of the market economy of enterprises, as for the integrity of the foundation of this suggestion, the development of the base, the credibility of the source.

Innovation: advancing with the times, pioneering and innovation

Unremitting innovation is the impetus for the development of enterprises. The basic requirement of innovation is to reflect the times, grasp the regularity, be full of creativity. In accordance with new ideas for development, make new breakthroughs in reform, opening up to a new situation, new initiatives "to the work, and strive to improve the innovation ability of a full range of high Yaoxiang.

Performance: performance first, to create excellence

Performance is the ultimate embodiment of enterprise all production and business results, evaluation index is the key of enterprise development, is an important measure of unit and employee contribution. Each employee's performance is the basis of the performance of the company, the performance of Kaiwei as the embodiment of individual workers to realize the value of social value, the promotion of enterprise value.

Harmony: unity and cooperation, and create a harmonious

Harmony is an important guarantee for the normal operation and sustainable development of the ocean. The internal harmony creates the motive force of development, the survival and development environment provided by the external harmony.

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