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Steel wire rope
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steel wire

The use of steel wire rope need to withstand the role of alternating load, the use of performance

Mainly determined by the mechanical properties of steel wire, the surface state of the steel wire and the structure of the steel wire rope. Wire materials include carbon steel or alloy steel, formed by cold drawing or cold rolling wire cross-section, circular or irregular (T type S type Z type), special-shaped cross section steel wire is mainly used for sealing wire rope production, with high tensile strength and toughness, and the steel wire surface treatment is suitable to meet the different environmental conditions the demand.

Rope core

The main function of the rope core is to play a supporting role to the steel wire rope to achieve a stable cross section structure. The rope core comprises a steel core and fiber core and fiber core including natural fibers and synthetic fiber core, natural fibers such as sisal, jute, cotton, synthetic fiber core including polyethylene and polypropylene filament. Natural fiber core can store more grease, to play a role in the lubrication of the wire rope, prolong the service life of the wire rope.


Wire rope is in the process of spraying lubricating grease, its main role has two, one of the wire rope for lubricating the surface wear, the grease can be isolated with oxygen in the air on the surface of the wire rope, wire rope to inhibit oxidation corrosion.

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