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Classification of wire ropes
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Wire rope can be made of steel wire material, surface state, twisting method and wire rope use, etc..

According to the material classification

1、  carbon steel wire rope, with high quality carbon steel wire as raw material twist.

2、 stainless steel wire rope, stainless steel wire as the raw material for the production of twist

According to the surface state classification

1、 phosphating coating steel wire rope (Chinese patent), referred to as the phosphating of steel wire rope, steel wire of phosphating film weight 3-60 grams / square meter, after twisting wire before phosphating of cold drawn processing, direct twisting rope, wire rope and steel core, phosphating film can improve corrosion resistance, wear-resistant steel wire surface the effective inhibition of fretting fatigue. Steel wire phosphating, give priority to the use of manganese or zinc manganese phosphating, phosphating wire without any drawing, the direct use of phosphating steel wire twisting steel wire rope, the steel wire surface phosphating coating makes more wear-resistant, use phosphating steel wire rope life is 2-3 times of plain steel wire rope, wire rope fatigue performance greatly to improve. 

2、 galvanized steel wire rope, including hot dip galvanized and galvanized two methods, the protection of galvanized steel wire is anodic protection, galvanized layer, the stronger the ability to prevent corrosion.

3、 coated steel wire rope, the external surface of the steel wire rope or the outer surface of a certain thickness of the coated plastics, including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, etc.

4、 smooth steel wire rope, obtained after heat treatment and surface preparation of the raw materials of cold drawn steel wire (Note: the pretreatment of phosphating film formed in the process of cold drawing process and drawing die intense friction gradually falling off), without any surface treatment of steel wire rope, direct twisting steel core and wire rope, abroad in 1834 start production, production began in Tianjin in 1939 the first domestic steel wire rope factory.

According to the classification of wire rope

Single strand rope

Also known as Niansheng, by steel wire around the center wire or fiber core twist, can twist one or more layers of steel wire.

Double Twist Rope

The double rope around the rope core (core or steel fiber core) twist, twist can be one or more layers of steel wire, steel wire rope is the most widely used varieties.

Three lay rope

The double twisting rope as the rope around the cord twist, mainly used for thick steel wire rope diameter of more than 60mm, such as the work of wire rope

The marking method of the wire rope laying method is as follows:

a、 right interactive twist ZS: rope right twist, twist of the left and right, strands of rope to the opposite direction of the strands of steel wire, said the interactive twist

b、 left interactive twist SZ: rope left twist, right twist

c、 right to the same direction to twist ZZ: rope right twist, right hand twist

d、 the left and the same direction: the rope is left, the left and the left.

e 、right mixed twist: rope right twist, part of the left and right twist, part of the right twist

f、 left mixed twist: rope left twist, part of the right twist, part of the left twist

Classification of contact state of steel wire in strand

According to the contact state of the adjacent layers of steel wire, the contact state is divided into 3 types, which are point contact, line contact or surface contact.

The diameter of the steel wire is the same, the twist angle of each layer of steel wire is the same, the twist distance is different, so the inner and outer layers of steel wire cross each other, which is a point contact state.

Line contact wire rope: the twist of each layer of steel wire is different from the same twist angle, the inner and outer layer steel wire is in contact with each other in a spiral line. Under the condition of the same condition, the line contact wire rope is longer than the point contact wire rope length.

Compacted wire rope, formerly known as surface contact wire rope, wire rope twisting process, after forging, drawing and so on, the formation of contact surface between the wire, including the rope compaction, wire rope compaction and rope strand double compaction, etc..

The sealing wire rope: outer made of shaped steel wire, including T type S type Z type section steel structure, smooth surface, good abrasion resistance, compared with other types of steel wire of the same diameter, the tensile strength is larger, and can withstand the lateral pressure difference, but flexible and complex process caused by the high, commonly used the bearing cable, such as cable of cable crane and the ropeway.

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