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What are the specifications of the wire rope
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The wire rope is put a lot of root diameter is 0.3 ~ 3mm high strength steel wire to twist shares, put some shares around the cord twisted into rope. There are many kinds of steel wire rope, which can be divided into four kinds, the left and the right direction, the left and the right, and the right hand side.

According to the different wire rope core materials can be divided into hemp core, asbestos core and metal core three, from the core of a rope is often used in heavy work, immersed in hemp core lubricating oil, reduce friction between the wire rope and stock and corrosion.

According to the number of wire rope strands and wires can be divided into 6 x 6, 19 x 37 and 6 x three 61 kinds, the most commonly used in lifting operation is 6 * 19 and 6 * 37 steel wire rope.

According to the different surface treatment of steel wire can be divided into two kinds of smooth and plated bowl, has smooth operation of wire rope used heavy.

According to the classification of wire rope strand structure, it can be divided into point contact line, line contact line and contact line.

The diameter of each layer is the same, but the pitch of each layer is different, so the wire is in contact with each other, the contact stress is high, and the steel wire is easy to wear and break, but the manufacturing process is simple.

The thickness of the strand is different from that of the wire rope, and the thin steel wire is placed in the groove of the thick steel wire. Because the contact stress of the wire rope is small, the steel rope has long service life, and the flexibility is increased at the same time. Because the wire contact wire rope is more dense, so the same diameter of the wire rope, wire rope breaking tension bigger. The same direction lay wire rope with the same diameter of the rope strand is also a line contact line.

The steel wire of the plane contact rope is special in the shape of the steel wire, and the shape of the cross section steel wire is adopted. The utility model has the advantages of smooth appearance, good corrosion resistance and good abrasion resistance, and can bear large transverse force, but the price is expensive, so the utility model can only be used in special occasions.

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