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Factors reducing the life of steel wire rope
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Because of the frequent wear, friction, moisture, corrosion and other working conditions, the wire rope is subjected to the bending, deformation and fatigue. This kind of fatigue, corrosion and bear a heavy load, and long-term neglect such factors eventually broken wire failure. In high speed operation, the steel wire rope is in the contact with roller, roller (wheel) and so on. If the component surface is damaged or the wire rope is bad, it will have a great friction;

A rope is squeezed or stuck, will produce huge friction, lead to martensite layer formed on the surface. Due to the martensitic phase is a brittle phase, the fatigue resistance is very poor. In the use of steel wire rope, fatigue crack at first in the martensite layer, with the use of continue, the crack will continue to spread, extend, and eventually lead to broken wire. Sometimes in the scene to see the surfaces of steel wire rope "blue" or "paste", are due to severe friction surface temperature. In the use of wire rope, due to various reasons, intense friction, so that the surface of the wire rope to produce a layer of martensite. Although the martensite layer is very thin, only 01104 ~ 01108mm thick, even thinner, but because of fatigue, the wire will crack, along with the use of crack continue, will continue to spread and extend to wire fracture caused by wire rope scrap.

A plurality of ropes are provided with a plurality of wire ropes, and the length of each wire rope can not be guaranteed when the container is connected with the steel wire rope. The friction pulley groove diameter machining error, after loading the wire rope elongation of different factors caused by wire rope uneven force of wire rope, individual larger force, intensified abrasion and quickly broken wire rope and rope groove. At the same time the uneven wear. Therefore, we should try to ensure the uniform force of the wire rope to achieve the increase in the use of wire rope and liner service life, improve productivity.

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