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Maintenance factor of steel wire rope
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Hoisting rope is an important part of the lifting equipment, in addition to a reasonable choice of the structure of the wire rope, but also the correct use and maintenance of steel wire rope, in order to extend the life of the wire rope. This not only has certain economic significance, but also has a very important role in improving the safety of equipment. Because of the different ways of lifting and the use of the wire rope, the maintenance method of the wire rope is obviously different. Therefore, to choose the proper way of maintenance can effectively prolong the service life of the wire rope. Lubrication, regular inspection is the most common, the most simple maintenance method.

(1) lubrication. Lubrication has great influence on the life of steel wire rope, it should be noted that the different ways of upgrading, the choice of the type of lubricating oil is different, according to the different conditions of a reasonable choice of lubricants. Data show that the lubrication system can be regular, so that the wire rope life extension times *%. In the use of steel wire rope detection found that the maintenance of improper use of steel wire rope appearance serious corrosion, contact with the outer surface of the steel wire rope rust off; remove the wire rope core dry, steel wire surface rust everywhere visible. If the wire rope continues to use, a serious threat to the safety of equipment and personnel. So the maintenance quality of wire rope is good in use will not let down.

(2) regular inspection. The wire rope is affected by various stresses at work, such as the static stress and dynamic stress, bending stress, torsion stress, contact stress, extrusion and twist stress, the effect of repeated stress will result in fatigue of wire rope broken wire, wear and corrosion is also accelerating the broken wire an important aspect of the. Therefore, the wire rope should be inspected regularly, and the broken wire should be treated in time. Otherwise, the development of the situation is getting faster and faster, there will be a broken rope accident. In the process of inspection, the staff must be careful, careful inspection, and make a detailed and clear inspection records.

There are many factors that affect the service life of steel wire rope, and the above are just some common influencing factors. But in general, the wire rope damage there is a general rule, the key is how to understand these rules, so as to find out the effective prevention methods, prolong the service life of the wire rope.

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