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The development of wire rope rigging, brand strategy in five steps
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The country in recent years to limit the development of heavy industry, so that the lifting industry affected, wire rope rigging as part of lifting equipment, sales also received a certain effect. Therefore, the need to do a good job of brand strategy, in order to break through the fierce competition in the market.

1, clear brand positioning

Brand positioning is the core of the market positioning and performance. Its dimensions include: market positioning, price positioning, image positioning, positioning, positioning, positioning, channel positioning, etc.. Once the enterprise has selected the target market, it is to design and build their own products, brand and corporate image, in order to win the recognition of the target consumers.

As the saying goes: the brand has no position, the factory is not good to live. For wire rope rigging products, brand building is very important, it directly affects the business state of wire rope rigging. Each wire rope rigging enterprises are required to have a main direction, it is impossible for any enterprise to provide all the products or service to all customers on the market, but only according to the specific circumstances of their own choice has the advantage of market segments, otherwise, will both fail everywhere, everywhere, in a passive position.

2, innovative product promotion model

Creativity refers to the understanding of the reality of the existence of things as well as cognitive, derived from a new abstract thinking and behavioral potential. Here for the time being "creative" is divided into technological innovation and dissemination of innovation. For technical innovation, mainly for the different needs of different consumers, wire rope rigging enterprises need to develop and produce new products of steel wire rope rigging, to get more market share.

As for the innovation of communication, is to wire rope rigging product promotion out, give a person a kind of novel, amazing, stunning and pragmatic sense, leave a deep impression in the minds of consumers.

3, to meet the real needs of consumers

Consumer insight, is to find the real consumer needs and preferences, and applied to the enterprise marketing practice, it is found that the new market opportunities, find new strategies and tactics, so as to improve marketing effectiveness and effective way to get rid of the market melee. "Insight" is not only for business executives, the same is for the regional market and even sales line.

Now the wire rope rigging market product variety, the homogenization phenomenon is serious, whether in the wire rope rigging function or appearance, business practices are always the same size. Wire rope rigging enterprise can insight into the real needs of consumers, to find market opportunities, and then take effective market action, will have a harvest.

4, do a good job in brand operation and maintenance

Brand operation is a series of comprehensive planning work, which is the core of the enterprise, it is a complex system engineering. With the increasingly fierce market competition, the wire rope rigging competition among enterprises more obvious manifestations of brand competition, enterprises can produce its own brand, will directly decide the enterprise competitiveness in the market.

With the rapid development of the Internet era, wire rope rigging enterprise operation and maintenance mainly for WeChat, micro-blog and the official website of the operation and maintenance. In small series view, brand maintenance is an important work in the implementation of the brand strategy. It is not only to promote the product out, but also to take into account the user experience.

5, to create a good brand communication channels

Brand communication, which is the key to the core value of the brand as the principle, the overall framework of the brand recognition, selection, advertising sales, interpersonal communication, the specific brand promotion, in order to establish brand image, promote market sales. Now is not the "sell themselves" era, even the best products, but also by crying. In wire rope rigging industry, there are many kinds of brand communication: TV title, terminal experience, WeChat marketing and event marketing etc.. In a certain extent, the status of brand promotion and product or service quality is equally important.

Have to say, in an information explosion era, pile up in excess of requirement has evolved into the essence of marketing, how to transfer the business and brand information, and how to persuade the target object, so as to achieve the final consumer purchase.

Someone once said: one of the outstanding enterprises, brands and products must be established in the perfect marketing plan, only has a set of perfect brand strategy, to help the brand to mature, to success. Indeed, wire rope rigging enterprises to seize market share, can not simply rely on the "sales", more need to rely on marketing".

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