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2016 knowledge point of Safety Engineer: wire rope breaking accident
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A team of workers in the factory loading and unloading platform lifting machine was 2 4T, 13 mm diameter steel wire rope lifting, when trying to lift from the ground, there are 1 wire rope a little loose, the machine began to tilt, the workers with sleeper pads, pad and continued lifting, lifting, or machine tilt rigger hand tool righting, but will be down, the 2 steel wire rope suddenly disconnect all machine, machine tool spindle and the base fell and broke, the loss of value of 360 thousand yuan.

The cause of the accident: one is the improper selection of wire rope, overload hoisting, lifting 4 T equipment according to the requirements, should use wire rope diameter is 17.5 mm; the two is a violation of the lifting safety operation procedures, one end of rope long, out of balance, the other end lead wire breakage load increase.

The accident occurred, it is important to note that the preparatory work, if the work before the relevant personnel to take the required diameter of the wire rope, it will avoid the accident occurred. From this incident also reflects the face of accidents, how to take the correct and effective measures. When trying to lift off the ground, the 1 rope a little loose, then the relevant personnel should be calm and careful to face the problem, check the reasons for the emergence of loose, if handled well, the same can avoid the accident.

Preventive measures: to overcome ignorance, vanity, and fast personnel psychology, often organize relevant personnel to seriously study the safety operation procedures, training, and knowledge of some calculation of lifting work assessment, improve the level of crane operators.

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