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1 application: the intention of the telephone, fax or e-mail to the company's representative of the company's investment representative.

2 AC: the two sides confirmed the intention to join through the exchange after the company issued a notice to the franchisee investigate.

3 location: the dealers themselves inspect local market, select the appropriate location and detailed introduction to the company.

4 visits: dealers carry the relevant documents to the company to negotiate, the two sides into substantive negotiations, the establishment of cooperation intention.

5 assessment: the company investment representatives to the local dealer check the actual situation, and dealer qualification and market assessment.

6 the two sides signed through the investigation and assessment of the relationship, the two sides formally signed a cooperation contract.

7 payment: dealers in accordance with the parties to determine the dealer level, at the signing of the day to join the company to pay the one-time deposit and the first payment.

8 dealer distribution: after payment, proposed the first distribution list and approved by the company, the company according to the agreed delivery time, after picking dealers through network application.

9 training: to join the staff need to accept the company training and marketing guide, dealers need to send someone to accept the network sales management training.

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